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Our guide is looking at how best to serve Muslim players that are living in India. This is a Muslim player’s guide to online casinos in India.

You will learn about what services and features that are available with the Indian casinos online. We will guide you to the best online casinos in India and discuss the issue of law, religious views on gambling, banking in India and much more.

This is the perfect know-all guide for Muslim players that are seeking answers to all of the common questions asked about online gambling and where it can be experienced. If you are completely new to this, then despite your nerves and concerns, know that you have at least made the right steps to learn about gambling first, which is the smart move to make.

Now, let us deal you up some information regarding the casino sites in India for Muslim players.

Casinos sites in India

First, let’s tell you that there are plenty of online casinos in India that you can pick from, and you don’t just have to settle for one, you can join as many as you like. Why decide to pick Indian casinos online, when India has land-based casinos in the tourist hotspots?

Well, what you get from the best online casinos in India is a far greater selection of games. The average online casino can host around 1,500 different casino games ranging from online bingo to online slots. There are added realms of gaming that players can engage in, including online sports betting. This additional gaming platform offers players a global playground of sports to bet on.

Their online service also provides players with special bonus offers, which is something no land-based casino would ever do. Online everything is bigger and better, and although saying ‘convenience’ may seem like a cop-out answer as to why playing casino games online is better than playing inside a ‘real’ casino but it’s 100% true.

We hardly have the time to plan anymore and going out is a rare occurrence especially with friends. And if you don’t live near any of India’s land-based casinos, then you save travelling because you can stay home and play the same games, offering the same odds, but with more choice of what to play and, in some cases, with a bigger cash prize to win.

But entertainment isn’t just confined to your home. Online casinos can be experienced directly from your mobile phone. If you can connect to a Wi-Fi source, then you can play on the go.

Haram or Halal?

So, what are the rights and wrongs of all this? As a Muslim, you will know that the Holy Quran refutes that Muslims should indulge in the pleasures that gambling provides. But that is fine, each to their own, but the practice of gambling is not for the devote that puts their religion first. As with all, there are many non-religious people that happen to be Muslim, and it is for them to play inside online casinos in India.

But is it Haram or Halal? Well, the two are divisive terms that are really relative to those that take part. In Muslim culture games can be played yet with no reward, what if from the reward charitable good can come from it.

With gambling in our culture and within the religion each case has its own merits. The concept that luck would be seen as forbidden in our religion just doesn’t work in any context.

This said, we do not force upon the idea of joining the best online casinos in India if you are strong of Arabic faith or not, the choice is yours.

Now, let’s see how gambling itself is seen inside of the country and ask if gambling in casino sites in India is even legal?

Back in 1867, India was under British rule and a Gambling Act was drafted to outright ban any form of gambling, for the time the British ruled, the values became embedded into the culture and remained long after they left India and independence was gained.

Over time the state-owned business would allow lotteries and licensed sports betting. Casinos could open if licensed but there was no mention of online casinos during the updates of the 1867 Gambling Act.

In 2011, the laws then made the development of online-based casinos illegal within India, and as recent as 2017, the laws banned the advertisement of online casinos from outside gambling sites.

The law, however, never did ban the use of foreign casinos online because it cannot be controlled. This is the legal loophole that makes gambling online safe and within your rights. You can play online just as long as that casino is registered outside of India.

These casinos are made safe through their licensing from Europe’s largest governing body, the Malta Gaming Authority. Through their licensing and regulatory measures, these online casinos in India can provide a legitimate service that enables players to still gamble with the rupees and win rupees in return even though these casinos are not registered in India.

Online gambling

So, what is found within the best online casinos in India? Well, the gaming options you have are plentiful and diverse. Found inside of the casino sites in India are a range of slot games, card games, table features, sports betting, lottery games, and traditional Indian games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.

The casino is a hotbed of possibilities and opportunities. Slots are by far the most popular game, given they take up 90% of all gaming options. Slots are simple to play and provide diverse entertainment with the largest profit returns of any game.

The online casinos in India are partnered with the best software developers out there, they make the slots and provide the jackpots to be won from them. You will have award-winning gaming features on your hands from the likes of Microgaming, Red Tiger, Playtech, NetEnt, and Play’n GO.

When it comes to classic gameplay within the best online casinos in India, Muslims can experience both digital and live gaming. The digital formats of play speak for themselves, as for live gaming, this may be new to some players.

Live platforms host real-time streaming, whereby you can watch and play real casino games live, hosted also by a live dealer. This includes games of roulette, teen patti, blackjack, andar bahar, and poker.

Now, your idea of entertainment and gambling may not be in the casino, that’s fine, as these sites also host sports betting. You can watch live sports and place in-play bets on and across all your favourite sports, including the Indian Premier League. They have all the national and international cricket to bet on. Every tournament, series, cup and all the leagues. With live sports betting, you can also find thousands of markets to bet on and create your own bespoke bet slip.

Best online casinos in India

So, of all the online casinos in India which are the best and how can you tell? Getting the right online casino in India is all about individual taste because how you gamble may not be the same as the other 100,000 members within the same casinos. A popular online casino India platform may provide adequate service for players that just love slot games, but if you’re a fan of sports betting and it isn’t part of the popular platform, you can see where there are conflicts of interest.

The best is a relative term, but what we can supply is a list of the top 10 sites in India that are based on their legitimacy, service, features, popularity, diversity in gaming, promotion power and customer services.

These are all licensed casino platform that allow you to play with rupees and win them in kind. Here are the 10 Indian casinos you need to check out.

  • Pure Casino
  • 10 Cric
  • Genesis
  • Betway Casino
  • LeoVegas
  • Caxino Casino
  • 22Bet Casino
  • Twin Casino
  • Royal Panda
  • KTO Casino

You can join any number of online casinos as you want and best of all, each casino online rewards newly registered players with a special welcome bonus that offers them a mix of cash credit to play with and free bonus spins on their games.

The support available from these casinos also come with Hindi-speaking staff who can be contacted for help and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online casinos in India

There is one important thing to note regarding the online casinos in India and that is the banking. When it comes to banking and any online casino in India there is friction. The Reserve Bank doesn’t like gambling transactions and players don’t like the Reserve Bank.

It’s nothing personal, banks just don’t like the idea of helping money laundering and with casinos being a platform for this, the banks rather be safe than sorry, so they cancel transactions across the board. Now, it is odd because it is legal to join any online casino India platform, but as noted in the guide at, players can bypass the Reserve Bank’s strict casino policy.

Alternative banking services found online can help you deposit and withdraw cash with your online casino India operator and not have any issue with the Reserve because they provide an anonymous e-wallet service which is a middleman holding pot for your funds.

e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller all hold your finances and can be used to pay in and out for goods and services. When it comes to deposits into your casino, then you will extract the rupees from your Indian bank account and place them into the wallet, from the wallet you will put the funds into the casino and this process is reversed when withdrawing money from the casino.

This produces no transaction link between casino and bank which can be stopped or traced. So, in order to gamble online, you will need to gain an alternative e-wallet to secure your payments.

Indian casino sites

There are opportunities throughout any online casino in India and whether you decide if they are haram or halal it is up to you. If your religion as a Muslim is important to you and you believe the words of the Holy Quran, then we would not actively encourage you to gamble because the words of the scripture deem it to be wrong. If you are not of faith them Muslim casinos can be enjoyed. There is much to experience and the potential to win rupees is a real possibility. The doors to the casinos online are always open, 247, from any device you wish to play with, and you can do it all from home. See you inside!